Letter: Past Self

Hello guys so today I am gonna write a letter to my 26 year old past self! ^_^
Here we go………

Hihi Ilma, yes your still the weird, Crazy and really cheesy Ilma😂 but you’ve grown interest in Nature! Surprised to hear that yes I know… and yes you have meet the Merrell Twins, Lilly Singh, and Dylan O’ brien💖❤ I know your very happy right now…….. It was literally the magical day of your life😍❤😇 You also went to a One direction and Twenty one pilots Concert Yayy! I know your very happy to hear all that. But for education…..wait for it..YOUR A DOCTOR yes your a doctor YAY! So far the 26 years in this world has been wonderful. But more one a serious note this is what I would tell my past self:
Be confident and not to be afraid! There will be so many opportunities in your life and please don’t be afraid to take one. Dont let other people put you down. Always be proud of what you’ve accomplished. Learn to never give up……Trust me! Work hard and Always remember to be Happy! Be patient and remember the quote “Rejection is protection”💕
So this is what I am going to leave you with past self….
~Lots of love Ilma~

Thank you guys for reading this..hope you’ve enjoyed what I told my past self😆
See ya next time byeee👋



Hello guys, How is it going? So its time for another novel requirement and I do book reviews all the time so I decided to switch it up a bit and made a quiz 🙂 The book is Mockingjay from the Hunger Games series! Sadly its the last book from the series Criess 😦 but its a really good series. If you guys have not ever heard of the hunger games then I don’t know what planet you’re living in? hehe lol I am a die heart fan of the hunger games and the whole series is made into movies so that’s a bonus! And now I will stop blapping……Sooo here it is


Hope you guys enjoy this quiz and Until next time good bye 🙂

The Maze Runner

Hihi guys! What’s up? Feels like I haven’t been on my blog for a long time, but anyways I am back with another book review and this time it is the Maze Runner. I abslolutely love this book and it is a series so that’s a bonus! 🙂

Author: James Dashner

Overview (Back of the book)

If you ain’t Scared, YOU AIN’T HUMAN

When Thomas wakes up in the lift, the only thing he can remember is his name. He’s surrounded by strangers-boys whose memories are also gone.

Nice to meet ya, SHANK. Welcome to the Glade

Outside the towering stone walls that surround the Glade is a limitless, ever-changing maze. Its the only way out- and no ones’s ever made it through alive.

Everything is going to change

Then a girl arrives. They first girl ever. And the message she delivers is terrifying.



The Glade, which is  a meadow.


Thomas, a teenager arrives in a Glade and like the other youths he has no memory of his previous life. He quickly becomes parts of the group and is given the promotion to runner status who patrols the always changing maze to find an escape. So him and the other boys are stuck trying to solve the maze and stay alive because outside the maze is a terrifying labyrinth of high walls covered in ivy a lethal creature known as Griever.


Thomas, Teresa, Newt, Ben, Fry-fan, Chuck.


I very much enjoyed this book because it was well written and Adventurous. I really liked the close up relationship between Thomas and Teresa ^-^

Where to buy?

  • Barns and Nobel
  • Amazon
  • Ebay

Cost – $9.99

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5

Hope you guys enjoyed this book review😆 Alrighty Until next time Goodbye….👋 ^_^

Miami Beach choclates

Hello everyone! So today’s post is going to be about my school’s field trip. We went to Miami Beach Choclates on tuesday and it was absolutely so much fun!

As soon as I went inside it was like walking into heaven😍! So many Choclates made me very excited. First we got to see all of the machines and learned about all the different kinds of choclates. We made choclate dipped marshmallows and Pretzel, then we made choclate clusters which was absolutely delicious🍫. I wish I could put a picture but I ate it haha ^-^😂

So next we walked to the park and the reason I am telling you guys this is because I saw a huge Iguana, it was so cool.

This trip was genuinely so much fun! Thank you to all of the people in Miami beach choclates for letting us come!

Front of the place



The Iguana!

Hope you guys enjoyed this blog post, until next time goodbye! ^-^


Tigers Curse!

Hello guys 🙂 long time no see! So I am back with another review Yay! I absolutely love this book and this is a series so that’s great. So lets go on to the review…….

Author: Colleen  Houck

Over View (Back of the book)

Passion. Fate. Loyalty.

Would you risk it all to change your destiny?

The last thing Kelsey Hayes thought she’d be doing this summer was trying to break a 300-year-old Indian Curse. With a mysterious white tiger named Ren. Halfway around the world.

But that’s exactly what happened.

Face-to-face with dark forces, spellbinding magic, and mystical worlds where nothing is what it seems, Kelsey risks everything to piece together an ancient prophecy that could break the curse forever.


The main event of the book is that Kelsey goes through an adventure to solve a Indian mystery! She faces many obstacles and since this is the first volume in the series it’s not really completed. So you have to read to find out if she solves it or if something else happens?


The Characters of this book are: Kelsey Hayes, Ren, Kishan, Durga, Damon, Yesubai, Anik Kadam, Nilima Mehta, Mr. Kadam, Mr. Davis.


I like this book because it is very adventurous and it takes you on an great adventure with Kelsey and it is very well written. I don’t really dislike this book, it is good overrall. Plus this is a series so it’s exciting to see what will happen next! 😉

Where to buy?

  • Amazon
  • Ebay
  • Barns and Noble

Cost – $8.46

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5

I hope you guys enjoyed this book review and if your interested in this book Please grab a copy! I promise you won’t be dissapointed or upset 😉 it’s a great adventurous book! So hope this book review wasn’t boring😜
Alrighty Until next time Goodbye……^-^


Hey Guys! So I am back and this post is gonna be all about Studying! So here we go…….

Studying is very hard and most importantly Not Procrastinating! I procrastinate almost everyday about a million things in life. But when it comes to studying for something, let’s say an exam it’s really easy to procrastinate and I am sure most of us don’t want to do that! My number one resolutions for 2016 is not to procrastinate which I am already failing in but hey at least I am trying. So Tomorrow I have my Biology Practice EOC which counts for a grade for that class so I have to do well. I am already procrastinating because I am suppose to be studying right now but what am I doing Writing this blog post!

Soo I know that this post is a little boring but I hope that if you guys are going through stress right now about Studying for an exam then your not alone! I feel you!! With that said I am gonna go and study and hopefully do well in the test!


Here is a pic of my situation right now! And yes I have a pack of Oreo in my pic, I need those snacks so that I don’t get hungry Haha, Good luck to me!

Alrighty, until next time, see ya later!👋

How to make decisions?

Hello Guys! So today in my language arts class, we read the book The lady or The Tiger and we are assigned to write about how we make decisions? So that is exactly what I am going to do!

How do you make Decisions? How do you know it’s the right decision to make?

These two questions may seem a little stressful but we have to ask ourselves these questions to judge if we have to make better decisions or if the decisions we’re making is affected our lives in a good way!
We make decisions everyday, whether it’s a really easy one or one that you have to really think about. The best way I have made big decisions is to first look at it from as many perspectives as possible and then decide a suitable action for me to make. Well for me it’s around the time where I have to apply for High schools and trust me it’s hard to decide which one you want to go in? But most importantly I decide on the one that Provides what I need to learn in order to be successful in the career I chose!
Decisions are not easy to make and sometimes it can be very stressful but always think about if you make one decision, how it is going to Affect and then Judge in order to make that decision!

Soo, I will leave you guys to that and I hope that if you have to make a stressful decision that you take your time in deciding and hope it is the best decision possible to make! With that said I will be going now.
Hope you guys enjoyed this post and See Ya Next time👋

A Fall of Marigolds

Hey guys! I am back! So I have another book review for you guys and I just wanna start off by saying that I absolutely love this Book! This book is a inspiration! I love how its written and the story of it Obviously!

So lets go on to the review.

Author: SusanMeissner

Over View (Back of the book :))
A beautiful scarf, passed down through the generations, connects two women who learn that the weight of the world is made bearable by the love we give away….
September 1911. On Ellis Island in New York Harbor, nurse Clara Wood cannot face returning to Manhattan, where the man she loved fell to his death in the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire. Then, while caring for a fevered immigrant whose own loss mirrors hers, she becomes intrigued by a name embroidered onto the scarf he carries… and finds herself caught in a dilemma that compels her to confront the truth about the assumptions she’s made. Will what she learns devestate her or free her?
September 2011. On Manhattan’s Upper West Side, widow Taryn Michaels has convinced herself that she is living fully, working in a charming specialty fabric store and raising her daughter alone. Then a long-lost photograph appears in a national magazine, and she is forced to relive the terrible day her husband died in the collapse of the World Trade Towers…..the same day a stranger reached out and saved her. Will a chance reconnection and a century-old scarf open Taryn’s eye to the larger forces at work in her life?

Favorite Quotes
1. “Everything beautiful has a story it wants to tell”
2. “Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard are sweeter”
3. “There were a thousand words for dreams realized and only one common whimper for hopes interrupted”
4. “It should always make up happy to say that loving someone and being loved by someone is worth whatever price paid”
5. “Kindness is always motivated by something nobler than just a desire to be kind”
6. “If I had learned anything from this past year, it is that despair is love’s fiercest enemy”
I can go on to a lot more quotes but that would be really long so I am gonna stop here! Hehe!

My opinions
I think that this book is very well written and the author is very talented. It is also very inspirational! The story is phenomenal! This book makes you curious to learn about early 20th century Manhattan. This book has its kind of dark side when it starts asking questions but overall I enjoyed reading this book!


I hope you guys enjoyed this book review and hope some of you are going to read this book because why not? Haha!
Until next time, Bye! ^-^

The Giver Game!

Hello everyone! I haven’t been on my website for a long time wow! Soo, in my Language Arts class, we were reading the book “The Giver” and we were assigned to do a project! The project was to create a board game, card Game, PowerPoint, video game, or app! So, I created a board game! I hope you guys enjoy!

Here is a picture of my Game!!


See you next time, Goodbye!

What’s the most important thing you learned in school

Hiiii! So today in my language arts class we were assigned to do a Poll! SO here it is, hope you VOTE!!

Until next time Byee!!