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Hey Guys! So I am back and this post is gonna be all about Studying! So here we go…….

Studying is very hard and most importantly Not Procrastinating! I procrastinate almost everyday about a million things in life. But when it comes to studying for something, let’s say an exam it’s really easy to procrastinate and I am sure most of us don’t want to do that! My number one resolutions for 2016 is not to procrastinate which I am already failing in but hey at least I am trying. So Tomorrow I have my Biology Practice EOC which counts for a grade for that class so I have to do well. I am already procrastinating because I am suppose to be studying right now but what am I doing Writing this blog post!

Soo I know that this post is a little boring but I hope that if you guys are going through stress right now about Studying for an exam then your not alone! I feel you!! With that said I am gonna go and study and hopefully do well in the test!


Here is a pic of my situation right now! And yes I have a pack of Oreo in my pic, I need those snacks so that I don’t get hungry Haha, Good luck to me!

Alrighty, until next time, see ya later!👋