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Happy Saturday

Hello everyone so I’m back with another Inspiration Saturday yay haha. So this weeks quote is “Rejection is protection”, this is one of favorite quotes💕 and it means that if you get rejected for anything lets say jobs, relationships, education etc. it basically means that it’s protecting you and that there is something better out there for you. Our life’s path is already made so everything is meant to happen and take the rejection as a good positive thing.

Anyways so that’s it for inspiration saturday…see ya next week~👋💖


Happy Saturday

Heyloo everyone~ So I’ve decided to post inspirational quotes every saturday on my blog…and that is what my post is going to be about:)

“Happiness is found when you stop comparing yourself to other people”

This quote is so true! ¬†We tend to compare ourselves so much that we feel that we need to be like other people…instead of appreciating our flaws we don’t even notice them! So take a moment to appreciate our flaws and find happiness~

So hope you guys enjoy this post…Have a lovely weekend👌💖~ Goodbye^~^🙊👋

A work in progress

Hihi guys~ So today I’m back with another novel requirement…..this time I decided to do a quiz on A work in progress. I absolutely love this book because it is written by one of my favorite YouTubers Connor Franta🙌🙊 and its just amaizing💖 So I would recommend you give this book a try~

Give this quiz a try and see how you do…^^


Where to buy

  • Ebay
  • Scholastic
  • Barnes and Nobel
  • Amazon
  • Audible (listen to it)

Rating: 5/5🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Hope you guys enjoyed this quiz…Bye bye~👋