Letter: Past Self

Hello guys so today I am gonna write a letter to my 26 year old past self! ^_^
Here we go………

Hihi Ilma, yes your still the weird, Crazy and really cheesy Ilma😂 but you’ve grown interest in Nature! Surprised to hear that yes I know… and yes you have meet the Merrell Twins, Lilly Singh, and Dylan O’ brien💖❤ I know your very happy right now…….. It was literally the magical day of your life😍❤😇 You also went to a One direction and Twenty one pilots Concert Yayy! I know your very happy to hear all that. But for education…..wait for it..YOUR A DOCTOR yes your a doctor YAY! So far the 26 years in this world has been wonderful. But more one a serious note this is what I would tell my past self:
Be confident and not to be afraid! There will be so many opportunities in your life and please don’t be afraid to take one. Dont let other people put you down. Always be proud of what you’ve accomplished. Learn to never give up……Trust me! Work hard and Always remember to be Happy! Be patient and remember the quote “Rejection is protection”💕
So this is what I am going to leave you with past self….
~Lots of love Ilma~

Thank you guys for reading this..hope you’ve enjoyed what I told my past self😆
See ya next time byeee👋


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