How to make decisions?

Hello Guys! So today in my language arts class, we read the book The lady or The Tiger and we are assigned to write about how we make decisions? So that is exactly what I am going to do!

How do you make Decisions? How do you know it’s the right decision to make?

These two questions may seem a little stressful but we have to ask ourselves these questions to judge if we have to make better decisions or if the decisions we’re making is affected our lives in a good way!
We make decisions everyday, whether it’s a really easy one or one that you have to really think about. The best way I have made big decisions is to first look at it from as many perspectives as possible and then decide a suitable action for me to make. Well for me it’s around the time where I have to apply for High schools and trust me it’s hard to decide which one you want to go in? But most importantly I decide on the one that Provides what I need to learn in order to be successful in the career I chose!
Decisions are not easy to make and sometimes it can be very stressful but always think about if you make one decision, how it is going to Affect and then Judge in order to make that decision!

Soo, I will leave you guys to that and I hope that if you have to make a stressful decision that you take your time in deciding and hope it is the best decision possible to make! With that said I will be going now.
Hope you guys enjoyed this post and See Ya Next time👋


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