Hi! Soo this is another book review……Hope you enjoy!

This book is an amazing book!! Absolutely love it!! You have to get it!! This is the part  2 of “Stung” but before you read this, you’ve got to get your hands on the first book!!

On to the review 🙂

Author: Bethany Wiggins.

Genre: Science fiction, Young adult

Why I like this book?

  • The characters are unique.
  • The plot is good.
  • This book has a part 1 😉
  • The ending is AMAZING!

Book Summary (Back of the book)


Jacqui still remembers what it was like before the honeybee virus destroyed her world. Before children turned into beasts and men desperate for power became raiders.  Before she had to disguise herself as a boy. And before her brother, Dean, left and never came back.

Jacqui asks Fiona and Jonah Tarsis to help find Dean, since he disappeared while leading their mother to safety. They immediately agree and together they all quickly set out—along with Fions’s boyfriend, Bowen—in search of their loved ones. But Jacqui soon discovers that they’ve kept a very dangerous secret from her they have


The cure that could save those infected with the virus. If they can keep it safe.

With their survival hanging in the balance. Jacqui and her friends must restore their families, preserve the cure, and fight for the chance to rebuild their shattered world.

Favorite quotes

  • “Fionan! My baby girl!” she pushes Fo to arm length and studies her. “You’re cured.”
  • “If a single infected dog got loose, it would terrorize the city, preying on anything that moved. It would kill lots of innocent people before it was stopped because the dogs are nearly impossible to kill.”
  • “If its possible for a person to fall in love when they’ve only known someone for a few days……..”
  • “Those aren’t tears”
  • “That’s my point. I can’t tell her walk into that! She will not survive alone!”

There are many more quotes so I am not gonna keep going!

My opinions

I think this book is well written as well as the first one!. The ending of this amazing series is most definately AMAZING!! The romance is so real!. I think Fiona and her mom metting at the end is so nice as well as Jonah telling his mom about his dad. This series should be made into a movie.


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5
See ya next time…good bye~


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