Book Review The Sea Monsters

Hello Again!!:) So for my language arts class we are suppose to do a novel requirment for a book of our choice every week and I chose “THE SEA OF MONSTERS”……… So get your seat belts on and let’s roll!…….😁
Hope you enjoy the book review!!

Author: Rick Riordan
Genre: Fantasy Literature, Young adult fiction, Greek mythology.

“The sea of Monsters” by Rick Riordan is the second book in the “Percy Jackson and the  Olympians” series. In this book, Percy takes on a quest to save his beloved camp half blood. This book is a tale of good vs Evil as seen from the point of view of Percy. He must not only fight for the camp but the lives of those around him that he cares about. This combines the current world with the world of the Greek mythological gods such as Zeus and Poseidon.

Camp half blood where Percy goes during the summer to get trained to become a hero.

Percy Jackson is seen nearing the end of his seventh grade year and although excited about being done with the school, and going to camp half blood for the summer, Percy is concerned about a dream he has regarding his friend Grover. Percy is not sure what the dream really means but ultimately decides he has to focus on school. When Percy arrives at school he and his friend, Tyson tells Percy that the boys that they began to develop into large monsters and attack Percy.Tyson comes to Percy’s rescue and soon Percy’s friend Annabeth  also arrives to help and destroys the monster. Percy, Annabeth, and Tyson leave to go to Camp half blood immediately. When they arrive Percy finds someone has poisoned the magical tree that was created out of Thalia, Zeus’ daughter , was injured. Thalia’s tree protects camp half- blood but since it is weakened the campers are under constant attack from various monsters. When Percy arrives at camp he looks for Tyson and realizes he is a cyclops and he is son of Poseidon making Tyson Percy’s half- brother.

Good vs Evil is the main focus of the story Percy is the main protagonist in the story and the books point of view comes from the character. His thoughts and emotions are seen. While Percy is young and his flaws it is clear how most heroes should be like. Percy is willing to put himself in danger in order to help the camp and his friends. Although, he is willing to fight with everything he has Percy also shows that he is willing to  go without the praise and glory that goes being a hero.

“A magical force called the mist obscures the true appearance of monsters and gods from their vision, so mortals tend to see only what they can understand.”
“As it passed the middle of the hill,where the invisible boundary line should’ve kept it out, it slowed down a little, as if it were struggling against a strong wind; but then it broke through and kept coming”

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5/5


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