What I cherish?

I cherish a lot of things but most importantly friends and family. Friends are just always there when you need them and you can trust them. You can tell them your secrets and have fun, they will always support you.I cherish my family because well there my family and they support me through everything. Family and Friends are just the one thing that every needs. They are definately what I cherish.
I cherish Friends for a lot of reasons which are that they are always supportive , they never deny to help you, you will always make friends no matter how young or old you are . I honestly have a great friends. They are always there when I need them and they have always understood me. Friends are just loyal and they do the best things for me. These are the reasons why I cherish Friends.
I cherish my family because they are the one thing that everyone has and they will always do the best things that are appropriate for me. My parents and my siblings or if it is just my grandparents or uncles, no matter how they relate me they have always done something good for me. For example: my parents make sure I get education and they taught me to always do the right thing, respect and always help others. Friends and family are just great and I also cherish them for one more reason, because of the fact that your family members can also be your friends and your friends can also be your family. They don’t just have to be blood related to be like your family.

Hello again, so we were assigned to make 3 paragraphs of what are the things we cherish and post in our blogs and that’s what I’ve done.
Thank you for reading this ^_^ see ya next time!



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