First ever post

Hellooo there wonderful people, I am Ilma and this is my very first blog post so If I sound boring just bare with me.

So here are some facts about me:)

  • I am a very big fan of The Hunger Games🙌❤❤❤.
  • My favorite subject is math………I know what your thinking but I don’t even know my self why I like math.
  • Enjoy Horror movies. even though I get scared very easily!
  • I am nice, loyal!
  • I for some reason enjoy school but not all the time though.
  • BIG BIG fans of One direction.❤❤!!!!
  • Love Youtube and Youtubers😚💖!!
  • Professional FANGIRL!:)
  • I love Unicorns and Pandas.🐼
  • I live in a Pandicorn land with One direction and some of my favorite youtubers( Merrell twins, Superwoman)😂! HAHA JK!😋
  • I would love to go California, England, and Canada.

That’s all I can think of right now….

Thank You for reading this, really appreciate it. ^_^

Hope you have a lovely day!



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